More Discoveries

Hello, anyone who actually reads this.

It’s been a slow week or two and I haven’t been thinking about my recovered memories much.  It was wearing me out to consider the weight of cruelty that the Great War brought out and it made me ill to think that my soul might bear that stain.

However, thanks to a friend in the UK, I came across some information that was of interest.

The 77mm Feldkannone and its FKG11 shells seem to be a fair match for the vision of my possible death in four crucial ways:

1. The FKG11 was a high-explosive round.

2. Multiple fuses were available for the munitions used by this gun, including an impact fuse and a time fuse.

3. They were in the German arsenal at the start of the war, which makes a date of 1915 possible.

4. They had a slow rate of fire, which explains the intervals of several seconds between reports that I recall (versus later in the war when by some accounts shells rained down like steel hail).

Yet another tantalizing lead.  If I discover Pvt. Harris was killed by shell fire, especially if it was at night, then that would strongly hint that I was him in a previous life when considered with the other evidence.  At this point I don’t think anything will ever be “proved” but if I do learn who I was in that life, then at least his story- my story -will be told.

More about the 77mm Feldkannone and its munitions here:

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