Another one

Just had another one.  

I was watching a convoy run parallel to the trench.  At the head of the convoy were a bunch of olive motorcycles, followed by several blue trucks, with a Rolls Royce armored car- once gray but now tan with dust- bringing up the rear.

The trucks in the middle… I’ve drawn up what I saw for future reference, but one feature about them already stands out.

They had a canvas top with a “C” shaped cab.  Now, in the photos online, lots of trucks have canvas tops, and lots of them have C cabs, but the two together is a rare combination.  Here’s the closest I’ve seen so far:,550×550,075,f.jpg

One major difference in the one I saw and this one is the lack of a chain drive.  The truck I saw was larger and distinctly had a chain drive.

This is significant.  If I can place the front end design with any known manufacturer at the time, especially a British or French one, then I can provide yet another detail that I did not know prior to research that came to me in a vision.

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