Birth Marks

I’m very anxious for the day I can actually afford to do some research on Pvt. Harris (currently I’m still looking for work and every penny goes into surviving while I shift my focus toward going back to work on my degree again next January).

When I do learn something, I will be taking special care to note any details about his injuries I can find, and if I can find a photograph I will look for evidence of any blemish that resembles mine.

Dr. Ian Stephenson was the first to notice this phenomenon, and he noted many cases where birth marks and deformities corresponded with injuries sustained in a previous life.  While he made no presumptions about the cause of these instances, he duly documented every case he came across.  Here’s a documentary from 1992 that includes an interview with Dr. Stephenson.

Among the more unusual marks and quirks on me are a large birthmark on the back of my right leg, a somewhat oddly-shaped left ear (the helix right in front of the scapha appears almost as if it were cut away slightly, and there is a mysterious hole at the base of the helix that resembles a piercing), and what feels like a dent or an irregularity where the parietal and occipital bones of my skull meet (in fact it’s somewhat uncomfortable to put any amount of pressure there).

If I learn Pvt. Harris had any trauma to the right leg, left ear, or back of the head, this will be a substantial case.  But more than likely, I’ll get some brief writeup, like “Killed by sniper fire” with no further mention of what happened.

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