Little to Say…

The last few days have had little insight or recollection worth mentioning here.  Life seems to be returning to about normal, which I suppose is a good thing overall.

It will be sort of bittersweet if I’ve really run the well dry on memories, though.  I have had possible flashes of what may be memories from other lives but they don’t give the level of detail or clarity I’ve had from this previous life, which has at times stirred up memories nearly as vivid as those from my early childhood in this life.

This will hopefully not be the last post in this blog, but given the choice between fishing for something to post or going quiet, the earnest thing to do would be to go quiet until I have some substantial memories or substance, or until I can confirm or debunk another one of the memories I’ve had to date.

I must confess the temptation to pull a “history channel” moment and post a lot of speculative material without any real substance has been great, and I’ve even done it a few times.  But ultimately, speculation is tiresome, especially when trying to speculate on alternate outcomes to a war where, if I really was there, I was only a private who died a year before the Battle of the Somme.

As for the memories, it seems my clearest recollections come in moments when I’m not trying.  When I try to dig, they elude me.  I think if anything I’m more inclined to believe they’re real memories because they do tend to come when I’m not looking, but it makes investigating my past very difficult; I have to pretty much record and assess things as they come.  

I lived 28 years of my life with little more than a profound sense of Deja Vu for the Victorian era and an inexplicable attachment to England before I had any more memories, and while I hope it isn’t another 28 years before I recall anything else and continue to piece together my past, I fully accept that it could be.

I will at least post here now and then to show that I’m still active, though updates may be sporadic.  I’d rather post rarely and make it good than post often and blather about nothing.


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