Rather Than Speculate The Past…

I will instead speculate on the future.

I see dire times coming again for Europe.

Already, I see a lot of animosity emerging between those from Christian and secular European communities, and the large wave of Muslim immigrants.  The naked hate that only just a few years ago simmered under the surface is slowly rising across Europe as both radical Muslim and radical Christian groups, each with an unhealthy fixation on the Crusades, begin to openly threaten each other.

Look on YouTube or any social networking site.  You will find on one side a widely-renewed interest in Christian identity politics in Europe, from a parliamentarian element to a growing element of conservative royalists who have a frenzied hatred of Muslims, blacks, secularists, and in many cases Jews.  On the other side of things you’ll see hardened Islamists with an equal hatred for Christians, secularists, and yes, they also hate Jews.  In fact, anti-semitism is blossoming in the depressed economy, the world’s finances once again brought down by a fickle and poorly-managed US economy and being felt hard in places like Spain, Greece, and the UK.

Caught in the middle are the secular element, who appear to be dwindling in number as more people blame secular center-left politics for the failures of the last 20 years.  All the while, the secular element is still trying to reconcile an increasingly bitter conflict between two sides bent on destroying each other simply for who they are.  Holding out with them are a smattering of others who don’t really have solid allies among the Christian Identity or Islamist factions.

Already the first shots have been fired.  The killing of Theo Van Gough, the riots after the infamous Mohammed Cartoons, the rise of the BNP in the UK, and Anders Breivik’s rampage in Norway all point to a growing trend in unease and tension that will not end well if it continues to fester.

We’ve seen this before.  Europe has been through this many times, even back to the Roman era.  Good times turn sour, and people seem eager to blame the relatively liberal views of recent times for their woes.  We thought after the last shots of the Second World War that we’d seen the last of it, and that Europe had come to embrace social democracy more fully than America.  But now, I see something very ugly coming in about twenty more years.

I predict that unless there is a fundamental change in direction in Europe, these three factions- the Islamists, the Christian Identity Bloc, and the Secular Bloc- will be in a state of war before the year 2040.  And this time I hope, well and truly, that the rest of the world is smart and doesn’t get involved or we’ll have World War 3 on our hands.


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