Memory Last Night

Things are starting to move again.

I had a faint memory last night that I need to look into.

It was a memory of a woman’s arm in long embroidered sleeves holding what looked almost like a tall, elongated tea pot with a hexagonal or octagonal base and a long handle on the back.  It was about a foot high and made of some kind of shiny metal, maybe silver or pewter.

I drew it in my notebook, so I won’t forget what it looks like or fudge any details.

I need to look into this.  It could be Victorian but if it’s from an earlier period, then there are only two possibilities: it’s something I saw years ago and just happened to remember, or it’s a memory of an even earlier life.

I have another memory that came to the surface not so long ago that could also be from an earlier life.  In this one, I was getting married in a large chapel of some sort that had many thin black or brown columns instead of a few heavy white marble ones, but they were definitely stone and not wood.  I looked at pictures of churches John Harris would have possibly gone to, but found no match.

It would be interesting if I could start uncovering verifiable details of earlier lives.  I think it would be amazing to know who I was as far back as, say, 500 years ago and to figure out any sort of common threads between these lives.

Realistically, I don’t know if I can.  I’m fortunate to have as many verifiable details as I do from what I can only guess is my most recent past life; a lot of memories seem to simply get destroyed in the process of death and birth.

EDIT: the “tea pot” was probably a pitcher of some sort, since I can find no references of tea pots that were quite that tall; it did have a spout more like that of a tea pot than that of a pitcher, though.

I found a photo of a pitcher with a similar profile and lid to the one I saw in my memory here, though the one I saw did not have a round base but an octagonal or hexagonal one and continued with well-defined sides up most of the way.


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