Update on that pitcher…

It seems that it may not have been from later in the 20th century after all.

In fact, the straight handle I saw is very similar to these two American-made pitchers:



What is interesting is that both of these designs date from 1914.  It’s possible that either an American pitcher found its way to Europe, or European silver and pewter smiths were producing similar items locally.

I don’t think this was an earlier or later life at all.  In fact, the woman’s arm and the dark, cellar-like environment in the memory might be a recollection of one of the many stables and cellars converted to makeshift cafes in France during the war.

I have to say this is a disappointment; I sort of wanted it to be a memory from far back in the mists of time so I could start exploring memories of a less bleak past life than the one I remember best, but the evidence just doesn’t bear that out.

Once again, historic evidence trumps wishful thinking.  But on the up side it means I do have more memories to dig out and more details I can confirm.

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