Unconfirmed Fragments of Other Lives

I’ve had brief, fragmented glimpses of other possible lives.  These are generally vague, difficult to place with anyone specific, and often involve things or periods in history I know enough about to be suspect because they seem more like suggestion at times.

-Date unknown, place unknown, possibly Europe, circa 18th century.  I was in a hedge row next to a road of beaten earth.  Two men on horseback in period clothing came riding by and I ran into the hedgerow.  They kept riding and ignored me.  I saw them from a fairly low perspective, and my vision was mostly monochrome with some hints of blue or yellow and a few more complex colors in the periphery.  I later found that this is consistent with canine vision, but this could be a fact I already knew.

-Date unknown, place unknown, probably Northern Europe, circa 10th-13th century.  I was one of two men in loose tunics of an early medieval style.  The other man had a black mustache and wore a blue tunic with a medieval coif (skull cap).  We both had sticks and were playing a sort of primitive form of golf atop a craggy mountain top, apparently just driving the small leather balls as far as they’d go.  This one could very well be a product of my knowledge of the Middle Ages.

-Place unknown, date unknown.  Possibly Europe or America, circa 1840-1890.  I remember watching a man in suspenders washing a young dead woman’s hair, in a room that looked like a mortuary or possibly an out building on a farm or even a cellar (difficult to say).  She was lying on a wooden table with a 4×4 timber under her head to prop it up.  This one could figure into my life as John Harris and the woman might be my mother Jane Harris, but I can’t prove a definitive link.

-Date unknown, place unknown (probably Japan)- I had vision similar to the first memory I mentioned.  I was at the back door of a Japanese temple being fed rice balls by the monks there.  The other creatures around me clamoring for their share of the rice balls were foxes so I guess that’s what I was too.  The monk’s robes appeared orange in my periphery, but faded to yellow, then monochrome as I turned my field of vision toward them directly.  This could very well be from my knowledge of fox veneration in Japan and not from any real memory, and I can’t remember enough about the temple to really place it.

I would like to find something I can confirm from any of these lives, though it would prove especially difficult since there are no positive identifying traits in any of these memories.  As for any possibility of having been some sort of canid in another life, that proves especially problematic because the whole idea that we can jump species is a controversial one to say the least.  That, and frankly because being a fox could very easily amount to wishful thinking on my part.

That’s what really gets me about my life as John.  It was a period of history I had little knowledge or interest in before this year, and a Somerset farm hand turned WWI soldier wouldn’t have been my first choice for a past life (or even a third or fourth).  By comparison, I’d be tempted to say that my life as John was the only genuine memory because the others seem to have come to me as a result of trying too hard to dig up more things; the best recollections seem to bubble to the surface when I’m not trying.


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