Earlier this evening, I was thinking about the Voynitch Manuscript with the thought that I might have been involved in its creation and that the key to it was a sort of binary cipher where each character represented a binary value that could be mathematically extrapolated to represent a letter or part of a letter or even parts of words, but my memory of how that cipher worked exactly is shot.

A moment ago, I logged onto YouTube and what should I see in my “recommended for you” list but a documentary about the Voynich Manuscript.  Now that’s a bit odd!

I was also thinking back to when I was younger.  When I was about 11 or 12 I would occasionally draw odd-looking symbols or characters that sort of resembled some of the writing from the Voynich Manuscript.  I hadn’t really thought anything of that until tonight.  Unfortunately, those papers- if they still exist- are 3,000 miles away and mixed in with some things I’d rather my parents didn’t read (personal journals from my teens mostly) so asking them to dig for it is out of the question.

The next time I’m on the East Coast, I need to look for these papers.


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