Reading up on the subject of delusion, I’m really not sure what to make of this.

Several people I’ve told (not least among them my partner and my roommate) seem to be convinced that I’m not delusional when they’ve seen me spontaneously recall things, then find historic facts to back them up.

But just the sheer bizarreness of the experience and the distress it’s causing really beggars belief, and I could always throw into doubt any confirmation as being the product of a confirmation bias.

I’m profoundly confused by my experiences at this time and given some of the other hints at a psychological/neurological disturbance, I’m hesitant to believe.

As for the “fugue states” I mentioned, even those might be more catastrophizing than actual catastrophes.  In one instance I seem to have been either deeply lost in thought or completely unaware for about 3-5 minutes on a local bus route so that I passed my stop; in another, I seem to have deleted several gigabytes of files from a folder I was working in on my computer (though I had been burning things to disc from there).

I’m not sure.  I think it is worth the frank opinion of a mental health professional.  I just hope they actually take time to listen to me instead of only hearing the first few words out of my mouth before they form their opinion, but previous experience does not give me much hope.


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