It Really Is a Silent Night…

Our roommate pulled up police band frequencies on his phone and we started listening in.

We noticed in areas where it was Christmas or had been Christmas recently, there was very little activity on the police band radios. Maybe an isolated bit of banter every 5-10 minutes or so on the busier signals like Dallas.

There was plenty of activity in Australia, where it was well into the 26th. A call about someone pulling a knife. But the worst we heard stateside in all the frequencies we tried was a possible gunshot in Dallas with breaking glass and a suspicious person having their background checked. That’s it.

New Orleans had the usual things you’d expect in a place where the police are scared. A bit more traffic stops and general banter, but nothing really dramatic.

I wonder, is this normal? I’d always heard some of the most shocking crimes are committed on Christmas. But maybe they’re the exception.

EDIT: The only felony we’ve heard so far was a car chase in San Diego.  LAPD was talking about egg nog!  This is awesome!


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