This Saddens Me…

Unrelated to the recollections I’m holding onto, so I’ll post this because it’s topical:

Delusional or not, I’m disgusted when I hear about someone mistreating the remains of a soldier, especially a soldier from such an unfortunate event as the First World War.  And whether or not I really was a British soldier in those days, and no matter how I really feel about the war, that doesn’t change anything.  Everyone out there on the Western Front lived and died the same way, for the same reasons, and every one of them deserves to be given some dignity in death.

Rather than being punished, I hope whoever is responsible actually learns and understands one day why this is wrong and why many people are hurt by this.

Incidentally, look at the date on that article.  98 years to the day after John Harris’ death.

Please, have some respect for the dead.


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