I Need to Go Back

I feel an overwhelming need to go back and re-trace my steps as John Harris.

I want to start where it all ended, and work my way from L’Epinette and Ferme Buterne through Armentieres, Ypres, Shrewsbury, Hereford, East Coker, and finally Yeovil.  I want to see if I can find the graves of William and Jane Harris.  I want to take a piece of the willow that grows over that grave in France and put it by the war memorial in Yeovil.

Trouble is, it’s doubtful I’ll ever get to do this trip.  I make very little off my books, and only have enough money to survive.  Steady jobs for someone like me are hard to come by (I have no real skills or qualifications other than writing) and I’d just feel wrong begging for handouts to go do this because then I’d just look like I was trying to weasel a trip to Europe out of people.

I estimate the cost of the trip would be about $4,000 for just me, and if I took my partner along it would be double that.  

I might be very old by the time I can do this.

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