Brief Memory

In one of the towns I lived in back in England (I don’t remember which so I can’t tell you how long ago this was), There was a fellow in a tweed cap and a green jacket and breeches, sort of youngish (in his 20s I assume), and with a pipe forever on his lip and a gun forever on his shoulder.

We used to buy pheasants from him; somehow, I think he may have been a poacher, but I’m not certain.  And yet as I remember, it was quite ordinary to buy from him at least once in a while.

There wasn’t much meat on a pheasant, and if not for the luxury of eating pheasant I doubt we’d have bothered; a goose was a far better value.

Now this would be interesting to look into.  Was poaching ordinary, or were there channels through which you could legitimately pay a hunter to shoot pheasants perhaps?

By the way I remember him being dressed, my guess is that this was later on, perhaps on into the Edwardian era, but could have been Victorian.


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