Curioser and Curioser!

It turns out that Shropshire has about four Romanesque abbeys.  In fact it’s got one of the largest concentrations in Western England, it seems.

So far, the sites I’ve reviewed: 

Haughmond Abbey– doesn’t really look much like it.  Not enough of the squat columns.  Owing to the split level, I’ll give it a “maybe” still.

Buildwas Abbey– if this is it, they’ve cleared the site a lot. Topography isn’t as “lumpy”
as I recall but older images suggest perhaps it once was.

Lilleshall Abbey– Not enough columns, and the arches are too ornate.

Wenlock priory– possibly. The grounds are landscaped, though I don’t know if that’s been done recently or not.  It looks a little too Gothic/transitional be the right one though.

So the first two seem the most likely just by the look of them.

From Google Maps, I know that Buildwas abbey is less than 15 miles from Shrewsbury by road.  Haughmond Abbey is less than 5.

Given that my memory is of strolling through the abbey with a woman, and the fact that I joined a regiment based out of Shrewsbury (when I could have just as easily joined closer to home), I come to some uncomfortable possibilities of what happened in 1914.  Imagine this scenario: I’ve been married four years (record suggest I married in 1910) when I happen to meet a woman from Shrewsbury who leaves me reeling.  I go up there to see her, madly in love.  At last I can’t bear it.  The war breaks out, and I seize the opportunity to be near her one last time before going off to the front.  But I’m not thinking about the long term; I’m thinking about her.

So was I just a fool in love back in 1914, then?  It would explain a lot about me, and why I kept trying to date while in the UK in this life.  Maybe I was trying to go back and live the life I left behind and never knew it.


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