I’ve started compiling all of the memories I have of any consequence in a rough chronological order.  Altogether, most of my memories compose about 17 pages of text when I expound on the details enough to paint a clear mental image.

I’ve discovered a few things:

1. I’ve only had to omit one or two memories as being “unlikely,” and these were usually things I came across when I was trying too hard to remember something.

2. An overwhelming majority of my memories are of a personal nature about things that would be impossible to confirm because they’re not things that would be in the historic record; sadly, unless someone recorded some of the incidents at the front in their personal diaries it’s unlikely they’ll ever be confirmed.  This is precisely why past lives are so difficult to prove.

3. A good number of things meshed very nicely with the historic record, either through positive confirmation or circumstantial plausibility.  Some details (like the stiff bolt on my Lee-Enfield) are impossible to confirm on a personal level but wash nicely with the known facts when I look into them.

4. I have more memories that likely occurred at Ypres than I thought, though I’m positive that these are only the tip of the iceberg.

It would mean a lot to me if I could confirm some of the more personal things, like the cigar box story, or if I could confirm something terribly obscure like that wooden colossus, because those are things I couldn’t know simply from the historic record; but it seems that the things I couldn’t know just from the historic record are the hardest to confirm.


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