My Muse of Late…

Going over the volume of work I’ve written over the last few months- personal journal entries, work on my upcoming novels, short stories, poetry, and even YouTube comments…

Well, it seems that my muse is decidedly in Flanders at the moment.  It seems this journal and the related notes on my past life (along with related poetry and even a go at martial ambient music) have all been inspired by these past life memories.

It’s catharsis, but it’s flowing out of me in an abundance that I’m frankly shocked by.  And now I have a dilemma: do I continue to pour out some of my best material over this while letting the rest of my writing suffer, or do I try to publish some of it?

I promised early on I wouldn’t profit from this, and I don’t feel like going back on that promise.  I think if I do publish any of this it’ll be anonymous, and I’ll probably keep only the money I need to get by.  I’m sure there’s a charity I could give the rest to, maybe a charity that helps veterans or war orphans or something like that.

Honestly, being not too well off financially, the temptation to profit from this is tremendous, but I just know as soon as I make a cent from it, people are going to be saying, “you know, she was pretty hard up financially when she miraculously had these memories…”

Still, what’s more important as a writer is going where my muse takes me.  I have to understand that no matter how I approach this, there will always be people who say bad things about me for making the claims I do.

I’d say the only accusation I should really take personally is that I’m stealing Pvt. Harris’ honor by claiming his achievements.  If I really wanted to do that, I’d be parading around with Pip, Squeak, and Wilfred on my chest.  The fact that I lived his life does not entitle me to his honors and I respect that; nothing gained in one life can be kept in the next, except for our memories.

I do have one book coming out that is unrelated to these memories (it’s one I wrote back in 2010 and revised in the first half of 2012).  If I ever publish any memoir or book inspired by the First World War, it will be after I’ve already got an unrelated book out and it will be done anonymously and for no more money than I need.


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