Memory Fragment

Inside one of the buildings at the Copthorne Barracks was a corridor where high-ranking officers each had private offices.  Very rarely, a private would enter one of these for a word with their commanding officer.  I do not remember what my business was.

The corridor had white wooden walls, as if added later in the building’s construction.  Each wall had along its top a series of narrow windows to allow in more light, and these were frosted.  There were office doors with a single pane window in the upper half along the corridor (and these were also frosted).  One of these had an officer’s title or name, or the name of the division or some other words or slogans, painted in gold and light blue.  The floor of the corridor was red tile or brick.

On the bookshelf of one of the officers I remember a statue of the god Aries, who held a staff in one hand.  The index finger on this hand pointed up.  His other hand was free, and seemed to point down.  It resembled the gesture of “As above, so below” attributed to the Hermetic tradition.  He had the form of a sage-looking but handsome man and, curiously, was clean-shaven.  The statue, so far as I can recall, was gilded bronze but the gilding had begun to wear away.  Perhaps it was not Aries at all but one of the Caesars or some other figure of note from the Greek or Roman world, but my feeling is that it was meant to be Aries.

I’m wondering if there is any way in hell I can confirm any of this.  Unless someone with access to the Copthorne Barracks (which is still an active military installation) could confirm my description of that particular corridor, I’m afraid I’ll probably be left wondering about this one.  Given the sensitive nature of asking for highly-specific details about active military installations I won’t be actively approaching anyone about this matter, and I will not ask anyone to tell me anything that is sensitive to the operations of the base, but if anyone knowledgeable about the facility can tell me if my description of the corridor is at least accurate I would greatly appreciate it.


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