Resources and Advice for Reincarnated Tommies

I realized that I’ve yet to offer any of the resources that helped me with my research!

Depending on the amount of detail you remember about your previous life, your mileage may vary, but I hope that at least one of these resources will help.

Child Past Lives

A forum mainly for children and their parents, but because adult recalls like mine are a bit rare and unusual there are a few adult users there as well.  Good starting point, and some of the users there really helped me with my research (many thanks), but the forum has limitations including a word filter on posts.  Worth a look for anyone experiencing memories of a past life, but look on your own for past life forums elsewhere online too because you’re going to need them.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Before I knew what my name, rank, serial, and regiment were, I had only a memory of a grave next to an old hardwood tree near a fence with angled bricks.  The CWGC’s archive of cemeteries gave me the visual reference I needed to positively identify the cemetery, and has an index of plot numbers by name that is very helpful!  Also, if you’ve ever marveled at the clean, well-kept cemeteries and monuments to British war dead, you can thank this agency for keeping their memory alive in stone, brick, and turf. 

Ancestry UK has an exclusive contract with HM government to host digital copies of the records of soldiers from the Great War.  While I personally never could locate my records, a user on the Child Past Lives forum found them and was able to help me fill in a lot of blanks with information from this site.  In addition to military records, they also have census records (which is how I know the streets I lived on and towns I lived in during my previous life, and how I was able to confirm the memory of the street I lived on in the first place).


Right now, there are scores of documentaries on YouTube pertaining to both WWI and reincarnation.  Take advantage of them before changes in site administration and internet-killing legislation makes them unavailable.  Just be careful to take some of the videos on reincarnation with a grain of salt, since YouTube is also home to a bevy of conspiracy theorists and loaded with unsubstantiated claims about just about everything.

The Great War Forum

I would not recommend breaching the topic of reincarnation here since it is a serious historic forum.  However, the user community includes people with access to detailed records and they can help confirm a lot of details about battles you fought, the unit you served in, and the everyday lives of soldiers.

In addition, I would recommend all of the following:

*Google Image Search

*The Imperial War Museum

*Regimental museums

*Local libraries

*Any of the research done by Dr. Ian Stevenson

And if any of you are just uncovering a past life, please know this: You are not alone, you are not the first to feel this pain, and chances are, you’re not crazy.  It’s a very harsh thing to deal with, especially if your memories point to war when that’s the last thing you’d want in this life.  It can make your life difficult, and it can certainly reopen a lot of old wounds.  

One important thing to remember is that the present matters more.  It can be easy to start living in the past, to even start identifying more with the era from your most recent past life than with the current one, and to start obsessively digging deeper and deeper to see just how much you can recall.  Never forget to take time to live in the moment and think of yourself as the person you were born as in this life.  

That being said, with a keen memory of the past you can come to have a new-found appreciation for the present!  We really do live in an age of wonders, and it would be a shame to forget that.  For the first time in history, we can come together across long distances and talk about experiences like this and we’re finding that although it’s rare and unusual, there are others who have been through the exact same thing and we’re here to tell you it’s going to be alright.

Most importantly, never forget the lessons you have learned from recalling a previous life.  This is a great gift toward self-improvement and it would be a horrible waste to not consider the past when planning for the future.  Not everyone has such a broad path to these lessons.

Good luck!


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