A Word on Transparency

Whenever possible, I try to mention anything that would bias me toward a conclusion, false memory, or strongly-held belief.  This is partly an exercise in critical thinking for myself to go through the checklist of possible alternate conclusions that can be drawn.  Since “this was all just a strange daydream that went too far” is a constant possibility, I don’t mention that one as often, but I’m equally aware of that possibility for pretty much everything.

If at any point one of my readers feels I’ve overlooked some obvious possible alternate explanations or that I’m deliberately skewing my language to favor a conclusion or to lead others to the same conclusions I’m coming to, by all means call me out.  I embrace the possibility that this has happened as growing broader from my point of view, but I don’t pretend to be able to prove my claims of reincarnation to anyone but (perhaps eventually) myself.


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