An Unusual Thought

I had a thought as to what might have happened between 1915 and 1984.

I don’t think I know I died.  I don’t even remember clearly how it happened, and the artillery bombardment memory turned out to be a dead end.

I do have one clue that I was conscious in some form long after death: the fact that I have clear memories of post-war construction in Houplines, including my own grave as it would have been between 1945 and 1984 (based on the size of the trees) and the rebuilt town hall in Houplines (according to firsthand accounts, it was a mess by the summer of 1915 so I doubt it looked as good as what I saw).

So if we suppose the later date of 1984, and if we presume that I knew nothing of my own death for some decades after the fact, then perhaps I simply found my grave, realized I’d been dead as a doornail for almost 70 years, and decided it was time to move on.

It also might explain how I have memories of steel helmets even though none were used in the time I was at the front.

What it would not explain is my total lack of memory of the end of the war, or of the Second World War.  Then again, I don’t know how active the sector at Houplines was during that period; I’d guess it was fairly quiet since all the monuments there I’ve seen are to us.

If I did hover around the battlefield as a ghost for a while, I have to wonder if I was spotted.  I’ve tried to search the local ghost lore in Houplines, but my limited grasp of French found me grasping at straws as to where to start other than Googling “Fantomes de Houplines.”

I must admit, I’m uncomfortable speculating on any of this.  All I really know for sure is that if my memories are correct, then I was able to remember things I saw when not contained in a physical body, and that in and of itself is a fairly grand claim.


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