Backup Plans

Right now, I have one book that will be in print by the end of the year, and a couple more in various stages of completion.

What I seem to have far more of than anticipated is notes regarding this whole business of a possible past life.  I had said before that it seemed to be the focus of most of my energy as a writer, but I had underestimated the degree that I had vested so much effort into those notes compared to the notes for upcoming novels.

I will try to focus on other projects, but if the pressure is on from my publisher to deliver something, a lightly fictionalized account of this experienced (embellished mainly for reasons of length) would be easy to prepare.  I don’t want to try to sell my story as fact because really, I don’t know if it’s fact myself, and I won’t do it unless I’ve hit the wall.  This experience- so real to me and yet so outrageous and vaguely defined that I could only reasonably package as fiction- is still very close to me and I have strong reservations about doing this.

As I’ve probably said before, I will not promote any of my books on this blog including the one based on the experiences recorded here, nor will I mention this blog in any of my books.  If some enterprising pulp novelist decides to publish a story based on this in the mean time, however, I will at least inform my readers if it was not written by me (provided the book has been brought to my attention).

What I would really like to do is to be able to give this past life mess a break and focus on actual novel projects that I’ve been neglecting for a good while now.  Those are the ones I really want to publish.

I have to think about my integrity as an author too; If I can’t write what I like, then I have to like what I’ve written enough to submit it.  I can’t call myself a writer if I’m not writing.


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