Memory Fragment

I remember a grove of squat hardwood trees (perhaps near Ypres) that we passed through on our way somewhere.  We noticed three bodies draped over tree branches, drooping grotesquely as if their backs, arms, and legs were all broken.  

I don’t know if there were more, it seems there were.  I don’t know if they were placed there or if they’d been blown there by some sort of explosion, or if it was just three or four who had fallen from aircraft over the course of the battle.  Maybe it was our own dead, placed there to frighten us in a crude sort of psychological warfare that seems like a holdover from Napoleonic times.

Well if it was scare tactics, it worked.  I don’t think we stayed long there.  I wish I could remember where we were and where we were going.

A quick search turns up text mentioning a picture of a soldier in a tree, but I’m still looking for it on the site (I’ll link it when I find it).

I’m not sure if I saw that photo before and “remembered” this from that, or if this really is something that isn’t all that well known.  I’m going to have to dig deeper.


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