The Past Few Days

Been living more in the present lately.  I feel like I’ve really reached a point in my life where I can lay down what’s burdening me for once and it’s made all the difference.

Still, the overall trend seems to be memories coming more frequently of late.  I haven’t had a very prolonged lull in a while, though I’ve been expecting (actually, hoping for) another one.

I hope this is it.  I need a break.  I’m starting to feel normal again and even if I know it’s only until the next bad memory, I’m learning to love how it feels when I don’t have those worries and I can live in the moment.  It is useful to know about the very best and very worst a human being can be, but it is taxing to be constantly reminded of that for days or weeks on end.

I need a break.  I just hope my mind will give me one.


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