Possible Memory from Another Life?

This one took me by surprise.

I was part of a large procession, and we were herding cattle, perhaps to be sacrificed though I’m not sure.  It was some kind of great feast day in some ancient kingdom, though where I can’t recall.  There was a lot of smoke, both from large fires (perhaps the pyres of burnt offerings?) and from braziers that it seemed burned incense, though I can’t remember the smell of it.

The thing that really struck me though was the noise.  There were these loud, thunderous crashes like a gong but not as tuned.  I did not see the instrument that made these sounds, but I understood it to be a sort of gong that was a flat sheet of bronze rather than beaten into a dished shape like an Asian gong.  It seems like this sound came with a learned memory schema of sheets of bronze in the likeness of animal skins that were used for rituals like this one, though I don’t know if that was the only shape they came in (it seems like these may have been square instead).

I’m at a loss.  I can’t really place this one.  It was a very well built-up temple complex we were on, sort of like the Parthenon in its heyday, but I’m not sure if it was the Greco-Roman world or not.  I don’t remember any buildings in detail, just the flat stone plaza with pyres and braziers.

Going to have to investigate those calf-skin gongs.  That’s about the only thing I have as a point of reference.


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