98 Years Ago Today…

…or thereabouts (I don’t know when they deployed us), I marched down the roads of France and Belgium toward Ypres… probably through horse shit.

It seems counter-intuitive that there’d be artillery in front of us, but I’ll have to see if I can research how a column of troops in WWI moved.  I distinctly remembered there being beaucoup de maird de cheval. 

I should talk military stuff with my roommate more.  He was in the army (for a short while at least) and he’s into the metaphysical in a big way.  I always seem to have my most vivid memories when talking to him.  In fact that’s how today’s memory came through.

I’m thankful that I have the support of my roommate and of my father (a 22 year Air Force veteran, now retired) who have both listened and lent words of support when the emotions from my memories got too intense.  I would be in a bad place without them and I feel like we’ve connected on a level I never imagined.  I still hate war and I hate killing, but so do they.  I really feel like they’ve got my back when it gets rough and they always know just what to say.


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