98 Years Ago Today…

The 80th Brigade (27th div.) was among the brigades involved in the horrendous Battle of Bellewaerde Ridge.  This was one of the battles that shrunk the salient to its smallest size of the war; it was not a good moment for the allies.

I have no new memories of this battle; only memories I have already mentioned here.  The more detailed memories remain elusive, even now, and I wonder if I ever can… or should… bring them back.  So far my most lengthy and detailed memory was of my rifle developing a sticky bolt while I was laying in a shallow muddy hole, perhaps a forward sap point.  I had to use a small hammer to knock it loose so I think it had been doing this for a while, but in our haste that was all they could give me to fix the problem.  That memory, I’m fairly sure, dates from the day of the battle itself whereas I’m unsure about all the others.

I’m relieved I haven’t remembered anything more today.  I’ve actually had a fairly pleasant day and I’m glad to not be in angsty tears over an anniversary for once.  It’s not to say I don’t still feel sadness, but I feel like I’ve started to put distance between myself and what happened all those years ago.


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