Putting It All Together

Not only does a past life I had written off as pure wishful thinking turn out to be potentially real, but if it is real, it pretty much tells the whole story of what happened to me between 1915 and 1984.  The story it tells is amazing.

The memories I’ve had of being a fox may indeed be accurate.  

The first memory I had taken to be 18th century Europe because of the hats could in fact have been men on horseback in straw Sakkats, and not tricorn hads as I had thought.  

I’ve had more memories that suggest it was in rice country (which fits well with my memory of being fed rice balls by monks).  I remember roads through grids of rice patties; so far, I’ve been able to find photos that are pretty much identical to that around some of the farming towns in Hokkaido.  I also remember a mix of Western and traditional clothes, and a lot of bicycles.  I don’t remember a single car or truck on the roads.  There were also bicycle rickshaws, which I’m really unsure about because I thought those were more modern, but these appeared alongside old-fashioned bikes patterned after English roadsters like I might have had as John.   The bicycle rickshaws were of the “driver forward” variety, with two wheels in the back.  They often carried women in very upper-class traditional dress.  The men wore suits and bowler hats, or work clothes similar to a factory worker if they were farmhands, and loose traditional peasant garments if they picked rice.

Some of the roads were paved with a thin layer of asphalt.  I need to research this fact.  The majority were actually packed dirt, though it was packed so tight in places that it never became muddy or kicked up dust.  A bicyclist would have no problem keeping a good pace on roads like these.

People’s reaction to me in broad daylight was very nonchalant.  Some people looked away from me.  Some would throw me pieces of food and fold their hands; others would chase after me to get away from their stalls.  In all I get the impression that I was very much an urban fox and it’s possible that the thirteen years or so between John’s life and the next one were all spent as a very well-fed vulpine.  Why on earth would I give that up?  Unless it wasn’t all that happy.  I have no memory of how I died in that life, after all.

I’m looking for pics of Shinto temples and monasteries in Hokkaido prefecture now.  I want to see if I can nail down a shinto temple very near rice country, with a porch area like the one I remember meeting the monks at for hand-outs now and then, with about a dozen other foxes.  I’m also going to look into the history of Japanese bicycle manufacture, Japanese road paving techniques, and any firsthand sources that can tell me if a fox really could walk right through the market in one of these towns in broad daylight and not be the least bit in danger.  

I know foxes are venerated in Japan, particularly in Rice Country as an attribute of the rice god Inari; still, it seems almost too good to be true.  A wild animal usually isn’t welcome in a human place; and a wild animal said to at times be a potentially dangerous trickster spirit and a food thief might have a rough time in a busy market square, even if they are venerated.

If I can confirm an animal past life, that will really blow me out of the water.  I always had an affinity for urban foxes, but I figured that came from the time I spent around them in London and not from a past life.  I thought for sure this one was wishful thinking.

Also, if I can confirm a past life in Japan, it gives me a clear path that I took between 1915 and 1984.  It seems I went around the long way… I think I may have even done some sightseeing along the way.  I remember manifesting on a tank somewhere later in the war, I had a flash of being on a train through Rice Country in India (which corresponds to Secunderabad, where my battalion would have been stationed just before I joined the KSLI; this fits my theory that I had a fascination with India as John).  

The theory then is that I went From India to Japan, from Japan to the midwest US.  Then the fact that certain details about my parents and the places I’ve lived in this life coincide nicely with events from my previous life, I think I can reconstruct the big picture.

I basically got to America the long way through Asia, had an interesting life, and then came back to try and do it again in much the same way with similar results.  Also, I made it back to France before 65 years had passed, and back to England before 90 years had passed.  I only died three times getting there.  Hell of a way to see the world…

To be reincarnated as a venerated animal shortly after a post-mortem sightseeing jaunt though?  It sounds like crazy talk even to me.  I really will be surprised if I can actually track down and confirm any of these memories.  I have to say this would be a really cool life to remember if it was genuine, but I have to find something that I absolutely could not know otherwise before I can say that’s what I did after the war.


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