But Why?

At this point, I have remembered four past lives in enough detail to place geographically, plus had tentative hints about 3 or 4 more; of these I know the names of two, one had no name, and my memories of having been John are actually the most developed and vivid to date even though that’s the second oldest life I remember in significant detail.

But why?

It isn’t a silly question.  I really would like to know why I’ve remembered enough detail to know names.  Why do I know that on May 24, 1915 I was somewhere between Railway Wood and the Menin Road scared out of my mind?  Why do I remember an inconsequential life in mid-20th century California?  And why would I remember a life where I wasn’t human at all?

If some god wants something special of me, why aren’t they saying so?

If this is some kind of deception by evil, to what end?  It isn’t like I was a solid monotheist to begin with and I’m still kind of agnostic, so if they’re trying to “steal me from God” it’s kind of a pointless effort because I still don’t know what god I could have been stolen from.

If this is an early stage of enlightenment, then how did I manage that while living in such an unenlightened way?

If this is meant to prepare me for the future, why is it sending me further back into a past that I know I can never recover?

If this is insanity, why am I able to confirm details with firsthand sources?

If this is simply Karma, how exactly do I interpret where I am in this life in the context of what I know about my previous lives?  Just when I think I have that one pinned down, something new comes up that kind of shakes up my tentative bid to link Karma of any sort to it decisively.

If I’m some sort of prophet, how does one go about knowing they’re a prophet?  And to which god?  I would think knowing the name of the deity who chose you as a mouthpiece would be a pretty important part of being a prophet, right?

It makes no sense.

I’m asking my readers to weigh in on this.  I know I have readers from many backgrounds and I’m really interested in a variety of opinions.  I hadn’t had much luck finding people who are “safe” to talk to locally.

Please weigh in.  Comments are welcome and appreciated.


One thought on “But Why?

  1. How about looking at it a little differently? Some people have very vivid memories from early childhood or even in utero; most people don’t. Some people have photographic memories and can remember everything in vivid multicolour surround-sound sharp focus detail; most people don’t. We don’t call those people nutjobs, victims of karma, mouth-pieces of the gods etc etc etc. They just have a brain/memory which works differently to most people. In the same way some people have very clear memories of previous lives, but suddenly that means we have to read everything into it? No, I don’t see it like that. Past life memories are just another type of memory, like the people with in utero memories, or the people with photographic memories. It’s just something that happens, no need to bring in karma, or the gods, or the men in white coats.

    Many children remember their past lives spontaneously, on their own. It’s just a natural thing they do and usually grow out of by the age of 7. We don’t accuse them of being mad or talking for the gods or possessed by demons (at least, I hope people don’t accuse them of that). Some people never forget, others may suddenly remember later in life. In a way it’s no different to going through life then suddenly, for no apparent reason, remembering something that happened in childhood. We just think, hmmm, that’s funny and carry on. Of course, if it is traumatic it will give us a hard time and it will take time to deal with, but that’s the thing with the human species, we have to deal with emotions and think things through.

    The best explanation for why you’ve remembered? Because your brain let the memories through at a time of stress. The same could have happened with any traumatic memory that had been subsumed into the subconscious; stress lowers all types of resilience, both mental and physical, and the memory leaked through, it just happens that for you it was from a previous life. Does this mean you’re nuts? No. Does this mean you’ve become some plaything of the gods? No. What does it mean? It means that you’re brain has gained access to levels of the subconscious that normally aren’t open to us, due to a period of intensely severe stress. Why are you still getting memories? Because that ‘doorway’, or whatever you want to call it, hasn’t healed or ‘closed’ yet. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. The fact is that now you have this access, use it to your advantage, learn and grow from it. I don’t think the Universe has any grand plans for us; it is big and has a lot of things going on so isn’t too fussed about the ‘spiritual journeys’ of individual souls. We have to make our own way in the Universe, and experience it fully with Love and Respect. So although there doesn’t have to be a ‘Why?’ to your memories, you might as well make a ‘What next?’ out of them.

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