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While the privacy aspects are terrifying, I have to admit that my mind wandered straight to the thought “Now if only I could use this to show people places I saw in past lives…”

I still have brief memories of the Middle Ages and I would love to be able to see those on a screen and be able to look for places I knew, like that church with the narrow black columns.  If I could find that church then I could probably pinpoint who I was, because I’m fairly sure I was married there (a marriage I later annulled to become a monk).

On a related note, I also had an insight that I became a very astute scholar while I was in that monastery.  While in the library on campus doing research on Friday, I was sitting jotting down notes for a bibliography for one of my projects this term while sitting at a small desk.  Instantly I had a weird flash of deja vu to the library at that monastery hundreds of years earlier.  I believe I was a theologian, or some sort of scholar.  This might help narrow it down.


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