Possible Memory or Cryptomnesia

I’ve said before that I’m a bit skeptical of regression techniques because they tend to be very good at bringing up things you already knew.  Still, I’ve heard good results so I tried one of the better recordings out there.

Unlike most past life regression sessions I’ve found online, I did indeed see something this time, and it does tie in with my memories of having been at sea in the middle of the 19th century.  However, it wasn’t in 1848 and I wasn’t a sailor, if these memories are correct.

Most of the memories were of England in the era of Charles Dickens.  I remembered a woman in a bonnet and shawl walking down a curiously deserted street full of half-timbered houses.  I remembered marching with an angry throng.  I remember a protest in a square of Georgian buildings, getting on an improvised stage and making speeches.  An association with the Chartist movement came to mind.

When I looked into it, I found that three Chartist leaders were sentenced to transport for life to Australia, which might explain the sea voyage.  One of them, John Frost, later went to America to talk about the struggles of his movement.  All three of them died between 1873 and 1877, so the time line works just fine.

My only beef with this is, it’s all based on things I could have known.  The square with Georgian buildings looks like a square seen in an engraving of a Chartist rally that I know I’ve seen before.  I knew who the Chartists were because of a modern English history class I took.  Also, I knew that transport to Australia was a common punishment in England, though I was hazy on whether or not they still did that in the 1830s and 40s (I had thought perhaps the practice might have been abandoned in Georgian times).

In all, this one is interesting, the time line fits well with the succession of lives I’ve remembered so far, and the names John and William appear yet again among the three men sentenced to transport.  

Still, I’m not convinced because it’s a time period fresh in my mind from earlier this year, a time period I’ve had some interest in understanding, and someone devoted to a cause that I can sympathize with because of my own history of activism.  This one stands out because the others so far were in places and periods I knew little about before hand (the Middle Ages before 1250, the First World War, Japan in the early 20th century).

I think this may be the first one I would be comfortable considering a likely instance of Cryptomnesia until I find some evidence of knowledge I couldn’t have known otherwise or a stronger set of coincidences between this and some of the other lives I’ve recalled.


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