Wish I Could Say More…

I’ve discovered some coincidences between my first novel and the life of William Longespee that are rather intriguing.

It has to do with the fact that William Longespee was a patron of the arts and an avid reader who may have commissioned a French translation of the works of Aesop.

However, I will hold to my promise not to promote my work on this blog so I will not mention how this relates to my novel.  Perhaps in the future I’ll talk more openly about this when I am no longer in a position for these revelations to bias my chances as an author one way or another.

On a side note, the curiosity to see if I’m at all competent with a sword in this life has got me seriously looking into fencing classes through my university.  The fencing technique is more a rapier technique, but unfortunately I don’t know of very many places that still teach 12th century longsword technique!  

Still waiting on a few things before it’s a go, but I’m looking hard at doing this.


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