Memory Fragment

I had a memory fragment from my life as William that I don’t think I’ve seen in a documentary.

It was a memory of a workshop run by a particularly gifted monk who was very good at making small mechanical devices.  The workshop was within the abbey where he lived, and he also did duty as a carpenter and cabinet maker.  He had a wood chisel and some sort of planing tool among the tools in his workshop, and the air was musty and still but he was cheerful and always had some project in his hands, surrounded by many more unfinished projects.

This is a rather interesting memory.  I know from books I’ve read on medieval technology that the Cistercian monasteries did own some very sophisticated water wheel powered industrial machinery, but I don’t know if any of them had a sort of “brother inventor” of the abbey with his own workshop.  That seems like something you’d give someone very important to the workings of the abbey.

I need to do some research on monastic life in the 13th century.


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