What About John?

I’ve found several possible past lives that were exceptionally well-documented, and even spoken to people I might have known in past lives, but what I have not found is anything more than a dead end when I try to find out more about John.

All of the info is on pay sites, and I realize I’m at the point now where I have to start shelling out money if I want to find out more about him.

Some questions I have that still need to be answered:

*Was John married?

*Was he a writer?

*Did he smoke cigars as I remember?

*Did he look anything like I do now?

*Are there any living relatives?

*Is there an alternate explanation for why he enlisted in a regiment based in Shrewsbury?

*Is there any genealogical connection between John and William Longespee (or for that matter, between any of these people including myself)?

*Are there any living relatives who have more information?

*How did John actually die (“Killed in action” tells me little and all I have are blurry memories that I struggle to interpret).

*Was his middle name William, after his father, or is John William Harris a different person?

I want to know these things.  I’ve been aching to know these things since I started this journey nearly a year ago.  I want to know who John Harris was, because his is still the most likely past life I’ve discovered and the most accurately remembered so far.

The Earl and the Author have had their moment in the sun, but John is almost completely forgotten.  I don’t want him to fade from history, because even if I find I wasn’t the Earl of Salisbury or a famously freaked-out sci fi writer, I’m fairly sure deep down that I was at least plain, ordinary John from Yeovil, and his life- his identity even- is and will always be closest to my heart.

It’s clear that if he has any living relatives, none of them- nor anyone who knows anything about him or his family or the second battalion of the KSLI- has found this blog and it’s doubtful in this wide world that they ever will.  It’s on me now to keep his name alive.

When I have money again, I’m going all-in to look for the real John Harris before time and memory erase him forever.  I’ll pay what little I can afford on a student budget and I won’t let him die completely.


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