I Am Not Alone

I must acknowledge that I am not alone, and part of what has sustained me these past few months is the friendship of others who were also soldiers in previous lives.

I don’t know anyone who has traced such a strange set of vague memories and strong coincidences to point to a specific medieval nobleman, though even my case is tenuous at the moment and in need of more verifiable memories that I could not have known from what I’ve read.

I do know of at least one person who remembers a life in the 14th century but hasn’t identified them yet, and ancient Rome/Greece come up now and then (often enough that I sometimes wonder what’s up with that), but that’s as far back as most of us remember.

I’ve seen documentaries with some cases from the English Civil War, including one guy who seemed to know where military camp sites previously unknown to historians were and had archaeological evidence to prove it, though it’s possible he may have simply stumbled on the site and led them to it out of opportunity; not knowing the guy, I can’t be sure.

Of my fellow Great War reincarnates, I’m one of maybe five or six reincarnated Tommies I know of; A few have even remembered enough to trace their names; I know maybe one or two personally.  Strangely, I have not found any of the Commonwealth troops (not even India, which you’d expect) and nobody from the 27th division, but I’m looking.

I also have not met any reincarnated Americans from the Great War though several of us were American civilians in the lives we had afterward, and I may have been the son of an American WWI veteran in my previous life. I do know of at least one famous case of an American boy remembering a past life as a WWII fighter pilot (though there were always questions about that one because they made a fortune off the book, which is why I don’t promote myself commercially).  I know of at least two or three Americans who were in Vietnam (but I don’t know what they did in the World Wars), and I’m one of several reincarnated soldiers who instead opted for plain civilian lives in the mid-20th century.

By far the most common have been Germans from both world wars, though.  I know maybe three who were there in the Great War (one of them now a close friend) and scores of them who were scattered across the ranks in the Second World War.

One thing I can tell you positively about reincarnated Nazis is that they’re almost never neo-Nazi types; the neos I’ve met in the reincarnation community, quite frankly, are usually so crazy they get banned eventually. In fact most of the reliable cases I’ve met are quite often very thoughtful, open-minded, and very caring people.  Sure, there’s a dark sense of humor there sometimes, but you need a dark sense of humor to deal with something like that.

While I was not a Nazi in my previous life, it seems that as a writer I had done a great deal of research on the Third Reich using firsthand sources in my previous life, and I had a brief interest in World War II history in this life (more so than World War I).

In the end, we all ended up the same way; we died, we lost all our achievements, and we had to start anew and learn from life the hard way.

I sometimes wonder where all these others are.  Why is it just a fairly small number of people who remember these lives at all, let alone reliably enough to trace?  What are we?  Who are we?  Is there something deeper we all have in common?  I spend probably more time than I should puzzling over that, but then, so do they.  We’ve all clearly reached a critical point in our development, and I’m sure it’s something people across the ages have attained when they first started remembering past lives, but this time it’s different; we’re able to contact others and compare notes.

I have a weird feeling that something big is about to happen, but I don’t know what yet and at times, I’m afraid it might be something bad, or some big clash.  The state of the world and some of the things I wrote about in my previous life aren’t helping my optimism, and if the shit’s about to hit the fan, I’m just going to go ahead and say who I was in my previous life publicly because it might be relevant to you all: I may have predicted the world we live in.  I just hope you believe me if that’s the case.


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