A Truly Far-Fetched Idea

This idea is going to sound very far-fetched and I’m not standing by this as a primary theory; I’m merely recording some observations and conjecturing as wildly as I please.  I find that I have a tendency to get a wild conjecture right every now and then, like the theory that I would gravitate toward the same parts of England in multiple lives (I’ve now traced my footsteps across three lifetimes on that beautiful island).

I have noticed that among the powerful, bisexuality is very common.  I think somehow, power and bisexuality are connected, and that the powerful may know this and do not want the majority of people to discover that they are in fact at least incidentally bisexual.

I do know that my half-brother in a previous life, Richard Couer de Lion, had a rather high-profile affair with Philip II of France; in fact it was a spat between them that got him killed in battle in a war that raged on into William’s military career.  I seem to remember that among the troubadours- the highly-educated, talented, and romantic nobility of France- it was extremely common to be bisexual and I have a strong suspicion that I was probably more than incidentally bisexual as William and quite possibly a bottom for certain powerful people.  Service to your lord was, at times, a very lurid business.  Of course, if you were a commoner or a monk then you’d be killed… if they caught you in flagrante delicto, which was hard to do.  Although rarely enforced (most executions for “sodomy” in Europe at the time were trumped-up charges to make rival sects like the Cathars look bad), the penalty- burning at the stake- was enough to drive all same-sex activity outside the noble classes entirely underground, and indeed even within the noble classes the curtain had begun to descend as modernity’s veneer of heteronormative relations began to creep in.

I think that the control of human sexuality, through threat of punishment and through the veil and myth of the “model families” of modern royals and elected officials, is part of what has kept us from developing socially.  As the veneer of heteronormative authority begins to wear thin again, with recent scholarship on organizations such as the Bohemian Club where world leaders often go to resorts where fucking the poolboy is perfectly normal, it makes the Pat Robertsons and Westboro Baptist Churches- whose messages would have won many converts a century ago- now look backward and quaint.  It also makes the moral panics brought on by our politicians seem so much more silly, now that we know how that works.  We’ve gotten really savvy in the last few years, and we’re really starting to come around to the fact that sexual liberation is somehow tied in with total liberation.

But what is the connection, exactly?  Does being free to act sexually among consenting adults somehow improve our concentration?  Does it stimulate the release of some chemical that sharpens the mind and aligns the body?  Or is it something ineffable, an energy harnessed by sacred prostitutes who gave their bodies to the worship of the divine and by transgender sages that guided their communities that we have yet to rediscover?

Perhaps the old Vedic ideas of the power behind the chakras rising from the Kundalini, the phallic serpent at the groin chakra, and the Native American ideas of two-spirits have some merit.  There’s also sexual ambiguity in Buddhism, I think one of the forms of Buddha is an androgyne, as is the form of Baphomet in the Goetian arts.  In some modern Pagan practices transgenderism, homosexuality or bisexuality are recognized as the female “Goddess” nature entering into a male body, either temporarily or permanently; even those traditions that observe polarities understand that opposites must sometimes mix and that there is no such thing as a paradox.  And of course, Hermeticism, upon which much modern Pagan practices are based, is founded on the principle “That which is above, is like that which is below.”  Therefore if all life embraces the diverse union of male, female, and nonbinary genders (read Bruce Bagemihl’s “Biological Exuberance,” he cites examples of all three) without much harm to anything that lives, then it is somehow ordained in the universe that sexual tolerance is divine law, and that idea would completely challenge many organized religions.

I’m probably just talking out my ass here though, and this is probably so full of holes that it won’t hold, but it’s the sort of thinking out loud I thought was too interesting to just leave squirreled away.


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