Backing Up My Data

As of today, I will begin the process of collecting an offline document of all the posts on this blog.

This is part of a larger project including getting all of my raw notes and details I have not discussed in public into a single easily backed-up source.  Given the uncertainty about the future and the likelihood of an Internet lock-down in the next few years I don’t want to lose everything I’ve written here.

EDIT: Major thanks to WordPress for their sweet “Export everything” tool!  You can literally export the entire contents of your blog as a .xml file with no hassle.  This means everything I need is all there and all I have to do is edit the markup language at my leisure.  As long as I do this periodically I’ll be able to keep a complete backup of everything.  I only wish I’d had tools like this when I was compiling something similar in my previous life.


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