Small But Important Development

It seems that John may have living relatives in New Zealand, his middle name now seems very likely to have been William, and may have been born in June.

It seems small, doesn’t it?  But this is bigger than it seems. If I can get hold of relatives in New Zealand there is a small chance that they ended up with a photograph or a diary written by John.

Also, the probable June birth date is intriguing since I was born in June in this life.  No word yet if we share the same exact birth date 107 years apart, but that would certainly only tighten up the string of coincidences.

Thanks to H. B. Crowthorne for this info.

Still no word on manner of death except “killed in action.”  It’s entirely possible that any further records of John’s service in the KSLI are either confined to regimental diaries and personal journals gathering dust in attics, or were lost in WW2 during a bombing raid that destroyed many British army documents and ruined many others to the point of being nearly illegible.  History did its best to try to erase John William Harris and very nearly succeeded.


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