Think Bigger

In my previous entry, I mentioned a line running from Avebury- which I visited in 2004- through Stonehenge and into Old Sarum and ending at the cathedral in the new town of Salisbury.

Re-examining the map, I realized this was bigger than I had thought.

Starting from a southernmost point at Ile de Re, France, and drawing a line northward, the line neatly follows through Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum, Stonehenge, Avebury, Birmingham (where I stayed in 2001) and Marple, Stockport where the last British national I ever loved used to live (I visited him in his family’s home there 2005).

I must state now that I am not a believer in Ley Lines, but I have to admit this does look like one.  Any thought of going commercial with this just died a hard death because I’m starting to see a hint of something sacred here.

What is going on?


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