Perhaps there are two of us…

My roommate may have also lived in the court of Richard the Lionheart.

Some months back, he and I were sitting together tried scrying with a red glass ball, but it got nowhere, only a vague sense of nostalgia for having done this before (with a similar frustration and lack of progress, probably in the 15th or 16th century).

Later that evening while gazing into the flame of a candle without the aid of the glass ball, I also had a memory of a king with a red, pointed beard in a blue robe who looked worried.  My roommate explained that I might have gotten that through him and that he’s seen it for years (we had put our hands together with a candle between us, I think).

However, I know that Richard the Lionheart, with whom Longespee faced many campaigns, had a red beard.  I also know that my roommate and I have had a strange connection for a very long time; once, he and I had simultaneously had a really bad intuition about my fiance being in danger on the way back from a recording session at a friend’s place, and so I had my friend take him to the transit center on the way back instead of driving him on the freeway.  I’ll never know if my fiance was ever actually in danger of an accident had my friend driven him home on the freeway, but it was always strange how we both had that premonition simultaneously; especially since at that time, my roommate was living in Kansas and I was already in Oregon.

Shortly after he moved in, my other roommates who had made my life a living hell moved out.  Life became bearable again.  He’s extremely respectful and always good on his word.  I believe he may have been present when I had my first memories of the Great War too, as at the time there was no space for him, so he stayed in our room on a cot in the corner.

We compared notes on a facial reconstruction of Richard.  He said the shape of the beard threw him and he didn’t immediately recognize him as the guy he saw, but I pointed out that this was a funerary image and he was probably somewhat older than the man we remembered, with a different style.  I mentioned the blue robe, and he said he didn’t remember the robe so much, but the crown.

My roommate’s definitely not a medieval scholar, by the way, and neither of us knew about Longespee the first time we encountered this shared memory.  Neither of us could have coordinated what we saw with a resemblance to Richard because we weren’t looking for Richard at the time.

Also, I was correct about the blue robe as that is an Angevin royal color.  Longespee dressed in blue to show his Angevin lineage after Henry II acknowledged him as a son.  I think Henry and John both had beards of a similar color but were darker and not as striking as Richard’s.

Interestingly enough, though he’s of much different stature (closer to the stature of the mustached man seen in several of my memories), my fiance sports a very noble face when he lets his reddish-brown beard grow in.  However, he has no memories that corroborate with having lived in the Middle Ages and so I won’t make any presumptions.

I’m still conflicted about believing what my roommate says.  On the one hand, he had nothing to gain by saying that memory was his at that moment.  On the other hand, when someone says something that might mean that you knew them in a past life 800 years ago, that does rather beggar belief, especially when the initial exchange is a “me too” sort of thing.

We’ll have to see.  If he can come up with something obscure about the last years of the 12th Century that I have a difficult time verifying, it might help me believe him.


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