Two Recipes from One

Last night, while experimenting in my kitchen, I came up with one recipe while remembering another we used to make back in 1915 that was prepared with some of the same ingredients and techniques (and by “some of the same ingredients,” I mean Lea and Perrins).

Recipe 1: Zesty Sausage Dressing (2013)

You need

2-4 sausages, peeled and crumbled

2-4 slices of bread, crumbled (or about 3/4 cup of bread crumbs)

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (I’m not huge on brand loyalty but it is the original that I’ve enjoyed over three lifetimes).

Sweet and spicy mustard

A handful of mild and buttery cheese like Colby-Jack or Double Gloucester, grated.

In a skillet, add crumbled sausage and Worcestershire Sauce to taste.  Brown sausage on medium heat.  Add mustard and bread and continue stirring until the bread has soaked in the sauce.  Remove from heat and stir in cheese.  Goes great with turkey.

Recipe 2: Trench Pudding (1915)

You need:

1 tin of corned beef

2-4 pieces of hardtack (also called Pilot Bread)

Colman’s English Mustard

Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce

First, soften the hardtack in a bowl using hot water until you have something resembling a dense porridge or thick mashed potatoes.  Be sure to add water slowly so that a spoon stands up in the mix.

Mash up the corned beef, add worcestershire sauce to taste and about 1/2 tsp. of mustard, and brown it in a skillet over whatever heat source you can find.  Add the hardtack mush and mix it all up.

You could do a number of things with the resulting mixture.  If it was dry enough, it could be pressed into thick cakes or bars and wrapped in paper, and carried into the field with you, and it would keep for several hours.  If there was a village or an Australian unit nearby, you could sometimes barter for a bit of cheese to cheer it up (though I doubt it would have been an easy thing to come by on the Western Front and I don’t recall if any Australians were there at the time).  Other things, like eggs, nuts, sauces, and even local vegetables could be added if you could get them but the eggs made it very unappealing after an hour or two.


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