Another One?

I just had a weird flash of possible memory.

My fiance, who follows football more as a weird obsession than as a fan, was rambling about his Super Bowl picks and mentioned that the Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey in the middle of a snow storm.

That actually immediately made me think of having been there in New Jersey, in the winter of 1776.  The memory I had was of being separated from someone, unsure of whether to take quarter in a nearby town or to push on and try to catch up with whoever we were with.  It seems I may have been with the Continental Army which actually surprised me (I always figured I had been a romantic poet living in England at the time).

The place- which looked to be a meadow outside a town ringed with large forests of bare hardwoods- was very beautiful but, as I remember, so bitterly cold that it hurt to move.  In all, it was a very desolate and desperate scene and not a pleasant memory.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough information on this one to tell if it’s genuine or not.  I’d need to confirm something I couldn’t have known unconsciously from documentaries and so far, I’m not there yet.  This could be nothing.  I’ll post more if I learn more.


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