A Memory Unlikely to be True

I try to be vigilant whenever I have a memory to see if it matches with known or researchable facts and to state openly when I come across such a memory.

Recently, while going back over my recollections of the life of William Longespee, I came across a recollection of melancholy upon leaving Ile de Re when the first signs of spring came through.

While I seriously doubt Roger of Wendover’s account and believe Longespee was probably on the island much longer than was claimed, it would be a stretch to say that someone who died on March 7, 1226 would have lived to see much of the spring.  As such, my recollection of seeing buds and plowed fields with tiny sprouts on the island seems thoroughly unlikely, even if it is a pretty image.  I cannot imagine that I would have been on that island any later than about mid to late February.

I will look into the island’s natural history and the sort of crops typically grown there to see if there is anything that could possibly grow that early in the year, but it’s doubtful.


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