Old Sarum Cathedral, Circa 1130

Now this is Old Sarum as I remember it: gloomy, stormy, but uncommonly beautiful.

The photos today that show the Salisbury Plain slightly overcast and autumn temperatures year-round are nothing like the weather I remember; we had storms that uprooted oak trees and damaged houses.

In general, the weather in the British Isles is actually a lot milder nowadays than it was back then, now that I think about it.  I don’t believe this disproves climate change at all; a bit of research shows that we were at the end of the medieval warm period and heading into a mini ice age, and the rapid cooling made things very turbulent.

If the gulf stream were to suddenly be cooled by glacial meltwater, as some claim it will, it would produce a similar effect.  Storms like the one that recently hit would become more frequent and more severe.  Right now, it may be some years before it gets to that point.

If it does get to that level, everyone will notice.


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