A Couple Things

First of all, many thanks to a friend on a reincarnation forum I post on for information about Ile de Re’s climate.  While I don’t know how it was in 1225/26, he pointed out that at least currently, it’s fairly mild there in the winter and it wouldn’t be out of the question to see something like snowdrops growing in February, which might support my memory of leaving the island around the time the first signs of spring had come.

Also, I had a brief flash of memory from John’s life.  I may have remembered a girlfriend.  I think her name was Ann.  She had light brown hair and a fair face that I can’t recall in detail, except that she had heavy eyebrows that didn’t detract much from her looks, and wore simple beige dresses with burnt-orange colored floral prints.  There was a green brooch too, I can’t remember if it was a green cameo or a stone of some kind.  I think she was younger than me because I was in my 30s (her dress seemed very late Edwardian so I’m thinking this was between 1909 and 1914) and she was probably not much more than 23.  She was the one I used to tour those ruins with.  I think that abbey outside Shrewsbury was our last time together.  She’s the one whose face and smile I still can’t bring myself to remember clearly, but whose presence I had some sense of whenever I had memories of touring ruined castles and abbeys while hearing the song “Scarborough Fair.”

I could be entirely wrong about this.  I have no way to prove that Ann ever existed; anyone who knew of John’s life and loves is gone now.  I do know that in my previous life I was married to a woman named Anne for a while but it ended badly.  I could have gotten the name from her, but from what I’ve read (I have no memory), Anne wasn’t anything like the person I remember Ann being.

I wish I knew more.  I wish I could trace this person.  Finding the right 23-year-old woman named Ann living in Hereford or Shrewsbury around the time of the Great War would be like looking for one particular needle, in a stack of needles, inside a haystack.


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