A Thought- On The Next Great Religion

I just had a thought: the next global religion will be the one to reconcile and offer some form of transcendence not only to biological beings, but artificial ones.  Religion is a cultural institution and cultural institutions, by necessity, must be adaptive.  Therefore, by necessity, if religion is to survive, the faithful will, by necessity, have to accept a religious view that is adaptive to their predicament.

In order to be adaptive to a transhuman world, a heaven or an enlightenment merely for humans will not do; when the line between human and machine is blurred, those who seek transcendence will only find conflict and cognitive dissonance with faiths that preclude sentient machines, because the presence of sentient machines will be unavoidable.

Furthermore, this new religion will also offer a package of morals more suited to an age of advanced technology than older religions.  It must be new, in the moment, free enough to allow people their happiness but thoughtful enough to curtail the worst of human suffering.

Other religions will adapt by and by if they intend to survive, but not before they are dominated by a religious view that incorporates this important feature from its inception as a response to the changing reality and not merely in anticipation of it.  There must first be a crisis of consciousness before the new belief can arise of its own necessity, and when it does arrive, all other faiths will follow its lead.

If it is a sect of an existing religion that takes the lead, it must be a sect that differs substantially from any extant sect specifically in its widely relevant interpretation of transcendence, humanity, and morality.

I believe that the first prototypes of the ideas of this religion have already been laid down, and continue to be laid down even at the present time by many people around the world.  There will be many false starts, loads of self-destructive cults, perhaps even a reckoning with determined irreligion.  Many would-be prophets will come close but won’t quite have it.  Then it will come along, and it will galvanize the world.


2 thoughts on “A Thought- On The Next Great Religion

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