The Solar System of Late

A few signs that may mean nothing or may mean everything, depending on your view:

Venus has been super bright over Portland, Oregon.  I don’t know how it is elsewhere.

There is a comet, ISON, circling the sun that appears to be weakening, then strengthening again.  Scientists are puzzled.

Also, the sun is unusually calm this cycle.  There have been far fewer sunspots than expected, which may slow (but not stop) the current warming cycle which I guess is good.

The moon seems to be in the extreme end of one of its cycles.  A friend up in Friday Harbor reported it was several degrees away from where she expected it to be in the sky, and apparently, while normal, this only happens every few years.

I suppose if you’re a believer in astrology, this could be considered auspicious.  Personally, I’m on the fence.


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