Memory Fragment

Another one, unsure if I’ll be able to confirm this one.

I was listening to a compilation of medieval songs on YouTube and unexpectedly had a memory from California in the early 70s.  I was at this medieval-themed dinner and they had an LP of medieval music playing.  I think it was one of my records they had borrowed.  The room looked like a club or lounge of some sort.  The walls had pretty standard faux-wood and were decorated with small buntings.  They had waiters in period clothing and a bunch of bored-looking people at the table.

After researching albums of medieval music available at the time I came across this:

I’m going to see if I can find it and have a listen.  I think I may have had this album.  A bit more research shows that Everest Records closed in the late 60s, so this would have been a rare, out-of-print record in the early 70s and I certainly would have known that.  I was probably there to make sure it didn’t get abused.


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