Memory Fragment

I actually had this fragment a while ago.

It was a city street of old Georgian or Victorian buildings, but the street itself was muddy.  Something large and kind of rounded or sculpted that I couldn’t really get a good look at was being pulled on a heavy, stout, and very wide cart being drawn by big draft horses.  I do not believe this was relevant to WWI but may have been some time in John’s life.

The wagon was framed with timbers about a foot thick and the metal treads on the wooden wheels were easily 8 inches.  Everything about it was up-sized as if to support a heavy weight, though strangely I only recall two horses (perhaps there were more).

I really wish I could remember what was on that thing.  Looking up some pics it definitely wasn’t a WWI artillery carriage but it could have been transporting something like a ship’s propeller or a large cast bell.


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