I’ve been thinking about it, and none of the memories I have of a life before John are entirely contradictory to each other.

I’ve begun to speculate on a timeline based on memories I’ve had:

ca. 1830s- A young man in England.  Wore a Herringbone suit with Oxford or Derby-type shoes.  Standing in a town with old half-timbered buildings.  The street is surprisingly clean for the era.  There is a woman in a bonnet and she is the only other person on the street.

ca. 1840s- At some sort of rally (perhaps Chartist) in a square of old Georgian buildings.

ca. 1850s-1860s- At sea.  Memories corresponding with the West Coast of South America and the Northeastern US, including a bar full of Gauchos and a floating chapel.  Possibly Australia as well.

ca. 1870s- Working as a stage hand in an opera house at an unknown location, presumably England.  Memories of ropes and pulleys (perhaps hired as a retired sailor).  Memories of lime lights flaring and firing up.  Associated with music from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

I can trace a lot of the time periods and a lot of the places… too bad it’d be hard to trace a particular person with this information.  I have a weird feeling that this particular life may have been associated with Portland in Dorset since a brief exploration on Google Streetview yielded a few familiar buildings including a couple of churches I felt I recognized.

Given a likely age of about 16-20 in that memory of the 1830s, I would venture a guess that I lived to between 55 and 75 years of age in that life though this is a really rough estimate.  It is possible that I may have traveled more of the Pacific, up to what is now the Pacific Northwest US, but I have no memory of this.


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